While the movie was visually stunning, it sort of felt like a Reader’s Digest Condensed Version of “Castaway” set it space with a chick instead of dude as lead.

Sandra Bullock’s portrays Ryan Stone, a medical engineer and George Clooney is veteran space commander Kowolsky are outside a spacecraft with another astronaut working on something when they are informed that high speed space debris from an satellite accident is headed their way and to get out of the way as soon as possible.   They are hit and knocked off the space shuttle and it is destroyed and lost all communications with Earth.

The only other “actors” in the movie are voice overs and most of the time they are in space suits, so a lot has to be conveyed with visuals and special effects, which this movie does succeed.    While the directing, effects and cinematography are Oscar worthy and although the acting by both veteran actors Bullock and Clooney are believable, I certainly wouldn’t deem the performances in that category as there was not that much development of their characters…it is more just reacting to their circumstances.

Now Bullock as Leigh Anne Twohy in  “The Blindside” and Clooney as Seth Gecko in “Dusk Til Dawn”  are two fully fleshed out characters and award winning worthy performances.

I was disappointed at the abrupt ending and I think a better ending, albeit a a much darker one, would be in the last few frames showing a close up of Ryan’s face and pulling the camera out  at the end to see that she was still in space adrift and that the movie were her last thoughts before dying.

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