“Machette Kills”

I really wanted to love this movie, but part of me has to dub this movie “The Ghosts of Robert Rodriguez Movies Past” because it uses a lot of actors from past movies he has made (Danny Trejio, Antonio Banderas, Alexa Vega, Jessica Alba, Michelle Rodriguez and Tom Savini) though there were a few lively additions (especially Mel Gibson as the bad guy “Voz” and the cameos of Charlie Sheen a/k/a Carlos Estevez as the President).

I won’t waste time going through the plot and neither did this movie.  This movie stepped over the line from being the “Grind house” 70’s type of action movie to more of a retro comic book version that.    It must be the cool thing now to be in Robert Rodriquez movie like it used to be a Kevin Smith one as this one had a plethora.

There was lots of action, explosions, half naked women with guns and men fighting, and some cliches with interesting twists, which is what you expect to see.   It had some chuckles along with a few “hey that is kinda cool” but not really laugh out loud funny or a “Wow”…except for maybe the bullet wielding bra worn by Vergara’s character.

I wish it either had gone even farther and gone total camp, or showed more restraint with few characters and better development of them, but considering the sequel is going to be “Machette In Space” I may get my wish on the former.


One comment on ““Machette Kills””

  1. a new title for the last one should be “Machete Kills” tits of steel.

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