This is a disturbing drama/action flick that is a remake of a 2003 Korean film (which have heard was better, but have not seen the original) directed by Spike Lee.

The story begins 20 years earlier when the main character, Joe (Josh Brolin), a failing alcoholic ad salesman who blows of his daughter’s 3rd birthday despite his ex-wife’ please along with  his last chance to keep his job by behaving like a jerk with a client then goes on a bender, staggering around looking for a bar to drink more until he is turned away and meets up with a woman with a yellow umbrella.

He wakes up in what appears to be a hotel room but quickly finds out what he thought was a one night stand is a prison cell that he will end up living in for the next 20 years.

Trays of food and booze are shoved through an opening at the bottom of the door.   He learns via a TV in his room his ex-wife has been raped and murdered and he is the prime suspect.   He continues in a stupor until a show airs showing his daughter has been adopted and he decides to turn his life around, gives up the booze, starts working out and writes letters to his daughter that he is determined that she will read someday as he patiently works on an escape plan.  Just before that happens, he wakes up in a trunk in field in a nice suit, an envelope full of money and cell phone advising him to find his daughter and the rest of the movie is the quest to find her and reason he was taken before it is too late.

There are numerous fight scenes, but it seems unrealistic that Joe would be so adept, even being in good physical shape, after being couped up for so long.

Overall is a good movie and the plot twists unexpectedly a few times and the ending ties in why his nemesis has done what he has and what Joe decides to do.   On interesting twist is of all of the people Joe had wronged in his life and had a good reason to hate him, the person that did it was more of their warped perception.  Just goes to show you we say or do something and think no big deal, but it could greatly impact someone else and to make our choices wisely.

I have read this is a “fairy tale” ending compared to the original, but it still left me with an unclean feeling, like I couldn’t  wait to take a shower to wash all the gross out away.

Due to the subject matter, nudity,  and violence its R rating is appropriate.


One comment on ““Oldboy””

  1. thank you for your sacrifice. It doesn’t sound like my type of entertainment.

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