Woes at Walmart

By: kmom14

Mar 17 2014

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Focal Length:4.6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:COOLPIX S3100

Saturday night we stopped by Walmart at Southtown, which I hate to go to as it always seems that something unpleasant happens. It ranges from the pharmacy closing early 5 minutes early for lunch right at we show up and having to wait to drop off and wait another hour to have filled,, things not ringing up at the right price and have to get a price check, shoppers allowing their kids to run rampant, rude shoppers or cashiers, etc.

As we only needed to pick up a few items before heading North we stopped in. I was browsing the movie listings next to the Redbox movie machine upfront before going in when I noticed a commotion going on just inside the doors.

To me it looks like like three high school age boys wrestling around, which tried to ignore until they were in a pile on the floor. As I had seen similar situations before where boys start messing around until one gets hurt and made then the fighting gets real, I figured oh crud, I had better do something before the situation gets out of hand so I went up to them and yelled at them to knock it off.

The one in the center was yelling at the one on top to get off of him and I was ready to pull the one on top off until he got this surprised look on his face and said he was Security.

One of the group gathering said he didn’t look like Security, but in my mind it started to make sense that they would have plainclothes security. I didn’t get the vibe the either bookend of the trio intended real harm to the guy in the middle a what I was looking at was not 3 rowdy friends or a gang-style abduction, but a shoplifter sandwich.

I knew they were Security when the guy on top said “Call 911”. If they weren’t, the last thing they would want to see was a cop and it isn’t like you can whip out your store id when you are trying to hold someone down.

As my phone was buried somewhere in the bottom of my purse and likely dead, I yelled at the Walmart greeter to call 911. One of the bystanders called 911 and the greeter went and got the manager on duty and the shoplifter was reluctantly corralled into the front office still fussing and fighting and a cashier disbursed the crowd yelling “shop or leave” non-nonchalantly like this is a common occurrence.

That put me out of a shopping mode and went and picked up the undergarments I had intended to buy, paid for them, then called Marv to hurry up with his shopping as I wanted to get the heck out of there anything worse happened.

The picture is of the four police cars that showed up. When the officer was escorting the middle guy in handcuffs and reading him his rights, thankfully he was compliant.


One comment on “Woes at Walmart”

  1. We parked in a handicap parking space right in front of the door across the drive and Kathy went into the store while I opened the rear of the van and filled my oxygen tank as I am on oxygen. I know Kathryn does not like to go to this Walmart and was surprised when she said we could go to this one as it is closer to where I live. So, I’m filling my tank when I heard someone say ” Get off me”. I look towards the walmart entrance and I see 3 guys on the floor in the doorway inside the store. ” Call 911″ someone says. I think “Great, I hope Kath isn’t seeing this”. These assholes are fighting in public. Like someone saw an enemy and decided to jump him. I finish filling my tank and heard someone say ‘” The cops are coming”. I start walking towards the door. ” The cops are coming” . I hear the wail of cop cars in the distance. Probably coming down S. Anthony Blvd. as the sounds were coming from behind me. Here come from in back of the store a 6’-20″ giant of a guy running towards the entrance doors. and it looks like the 2 guys on top are sliding the guy on the floor into a side room directly inside the store and shut him in. I hope Kath isn’t seeing this. I walked it to the pharmacy and started my shopping pleasure. 20 minutes later I get a phone call from Kathy saying she is in the van and let’s get out of here. Ummm, perhaps she might have heard what went on…..

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