Staircase Storage Drawers

Picture  – 107.1 The Monkey.

I saw this posted by a friend on Facebook, but it would be a great idea to use in a tiny house to add stylish storage and a better option for anyone not adept at climbing a ladder to get into a loft.

2 comments on “Staircase Storage Drawers”

  1. all those drawers can’t be functional as there Has to be what is called a Stair Leader. That is a 2″ thick x 10″ (at least) wide piece of lumber set at an angle to the floor with notches cut into it to support the stairs. There’s one on each side and sometimes ( depending on the weight limits and the builder) set in the middle too. These boards support the stair tread and the backing plate (risers). If you look at the image they do not accommodate any support for the stairs if the drawers and cabinets were fully functional.—- But what do I know, I’m just a plumber.

  2. it sure looks good. They don’t all have to be functional as I can see about 1/2 could be useable. It was probably done like this in order to be ” balanced”, symmetrically.

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