The Cartmaster

By: kmom14

Mar 19 2014


Category: Marv

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Focal Length:4.6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:COOLPIX S3100

Even thought he is on oxygen, he just can’t help himself…if he sees a stray cart (or two or three) in the parking lot he has to drag it back inside the store.

I used to think it was more of a hobby, like yelling at people who park in fire lanes used to be.   I will never forget when he told a woman she shouldn’t park in the fire lane and she started cussing him out.   He smiled and said to her “And such a lady too”.    That really sent her into a tizzy and she cussed even more, but did move her vehicle as I think she was afraid he was going to report her once inside the store and it is a hefty fine.

With the carts, it is different; it seems it is more like an obsessive compulsion where he has assigned himself guardian of shopping carts everywhere, vowing to keep them corralled like errant sheep lest the wander off where the winds blow them, never to see the inside of store again.

On the upside, the probably he has saved many vehicles from being damaged by not leaving them out where they can be blown into them damaging both the cart and the vehicle.


One comment on “The Cartmaster”

  1. I’m trying to put this on my facebook page but I’m unable to.

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