6-Cheese & Tomato Sauce Flatbread at Ruby Tuesday

This is one of three new flatbread appetizers at Ruby Tuesday.   It was $6.99 and with it one person at the table can add a salad bar to it for $2.99 (others at the table are regular price of $8.99).

The crust is crispy, but the tomato sauce was too sweet for our taste and overpowered the taste of the crust and cheese, with the cheese being a little sparse on the edges.  It will not be something we would order again…just not to our personal tastes.

Now the salad bar on the other hand has been delicious every time we have dined there and this was no exception.   They had two types of greens, fresh veggies such as carrot shreds, peas, edamame, onions along with other topping such as cheese,  ham, bacon, sunflower seeds and brown croutons which are surprisingly soft to sink your teeth into.  They also have a wonderful apple salad, a hearty pasta and potato salad.   Only thing on this visit is the broccoli salad seemed a bit dry, but just put dressing on top and it was fine.

My son had a petite steak, mashed potatoes and opted for the salad bar instead of another side dish.   He also opted to leave off the grilled zucchini and roasted spaghetti squash as we knew there was no way he was going to eat it so no sense in wasting it.   He said his steak was cooked perfectly.

He also opted to have the Raspberry fruit tea, which is fresh brewed tea with bits of raspberry in it and it was refreshing.

We were also served complimentary garlic biscuits that were warm and tasty.

Service was prompt and polite.   This restaurant has become our go-to for special occasions as it has a more upscale atmosphere but the prices are not so sky high we cannot afford to enjoy them once every so often.

Athough we have never used it Ruby Tuesday’s website does allow you to reserve a table or place an order online.

Ruby Tuesday on Urbanspoon


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