No Rest At The Hospital

By: kmom14

Mar 23 2014


Category: Marv

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Last night visited Marv in the hospital and he was not able to get much rest due to not getting his diuretic pill until late and getting up every half hour to use the facilities and the loud guy in the room next that despite being told every time the nurse went in his room how to use the call button, would yell out that he needed help about every 15 minutes.

On the upside, guess we know that guy didn’t have any problems with his lungs as he sounded like a foghorn.   Marv’s nurse was in the room giving him a breathing treatment when the guy started in again,  the nurse rolled his eyes, took a deep breath, smiled then went in the next room, where we could hear him once again explaining the call button to the man.   Bless his heart, about 20 minutes later the foghorn went off again and he was yelling for help again.

To keep ourselves entertained in between those exciting episodes we watched a few re-runs of “Chopped All-Stars”, which was a treat for me as I haven’t seen an episode since I turned off my cable a year and half ago.  It is amazing how some chefs can turn a basket full of strange food into something that looks delicious.   Marv didn’t feel the same way and was just glad he wasn’t a judge that would  have to eat all that strange stuff.



One comment on “No Rest At The Hospital”

  1. it’s now 2017 and Im reading this stuff again.. thank you Kathy for posting this stuff

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