“Last Days On Mars”

By: kmom14

Mar 26 2014

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Focal Length:4.6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:COOLPIX S3100

The premise is a group of scientist that have been on six month mission on Mars finishing up their final days when one of them at the last minute finds something interesting then the soil collapses underneath.

***Spoiler Alert***

This is like they got together a good cast, found a great location, made up  some some cool rovers and few somewhat believable set builds for the space station.   They started out with a decent script and building characters in conflict but took a wrong turn somewhere in the discovery the astronauts into zombies.

Normally I would be all in on a zombies on Mars flick, especially astronaut zombies,  but in this one, which is supposed to be due to some bacteria or virus, but seems more like perhaps a symbiont being that craves water.

While the “zombies” seem to lose who they are and their personal memories, they seem to retain many of their memories of tasks and skills and there doesn’t seem to be any motivation to kills.   In an early scene the zombie attacks someone with a power drill to kill him.   They should have stuck the standard formula and gone with their motivation being BRRAAAINNSSS.

There were attempts at building relationships between the characters that just fizzled out and it seemed like real astronauts would have better protocols, contingency plans and backups in place where the astronauts in this flick seemed to stumble around.

It is not a terrible film, just not a great one either.   I have heard others compare it to “Europa Report” but I tried to watch that movie on Netflix and lost interest in the first 10 minutes; at least I sat through this and found it somewhat entertaining.

Liev Schrieber did a good job with what he was given with I wished the directors has tapped more of veteran actor Elias Koteas, who played the captain, and continued in buidling conflict with Olivia Williams who played the self-centered demanding scientist that people could have enjoyed to hate given more material.

Definitely one to rent before consider buying or maybe wait until it hits Netflix.


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