Letti…still growing

By: kmom14

Apr 05 2014

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Category: Animals, Letti


Focal Length:4.6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:COOLPIX S3100

I swear this dog gets bigger and darker every time I see her.   When Kyle first got her she had pure white coat, but now it is almost a beige color.    She is part Lab/part German Shepherd.

I have learned to stand in front of the house near the door when letting her out because if I get into a position where she can get around me she starts doing so and then next thing I know the leash is wrapped around me and she almost has pulled me down a few times because while cozying up for possible treats seemed like a plan there always seems to be a squirrel or a bird she wants to take off after.

While overall she is nice dog, she does have a devious streak as she is always swiping bones from the littler dog, Eddie a/k/a “Rat Dog”, but he is stealthier and waits until she isn’t paying attention and swipes them from her as he seems more calculating.


3 comments on “Letti…still growing”

  1. Sounds like you like her:)

  2. The yard is recovering as when some shepherds and larger dogs are young their pee contains high levels of nitrogen and “burns” the grass but as they get older the nitrogen levels are less and the grass can survive their “use”.

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