“Heaven Is For Real”

We went to see this the day before Easter and it was one of the few times I had ever been to a matinée where it was packed.  

It is based on the true story of the Burpo family; the father is a minister (who also works a full-time job) who has a series of health issues which leave the family in financial turmoil and puts the family and the church in spiritual turmoil after their 4 year old son becomes critically ill and claims he went to heaven while he was in surgery.

Greg Kinnear portrayed the minister and Kelly Reilly played his wife, but the standout in the the film was the little Connor Corum as little 4 year old Colton Burpo and even more so after seeing how much he looks like the real Colton Burpo did when he was little.   His true childish  innocence and matter-of-fact statements of what Heaven was like, then easily distracted and wanted to go play were true to form of how a typical 4 year old would relate and believable.

Another thing I liked about the way the movie was conveyed is wasn’t too preachy and the flawed characters showed emotions that real people do in turmoil of  tears, anger and doubt.   There are also some light-hearted comic relief moments so it isn’t overly heavy.

It is rated PG and it might be a little heavy due to the subject matter for younger children, but as the main character is a 4 year old there is someone in the movie that they could relate to and I think is suitable for most everyone and I would recommend seeing it.  



One comment on ““Heaven Is For Real””

  1. I enjoyed the movie also.it was uplifting and spirit full.

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