Get Together at Sherryl’s

By: kmom14

Apr 25 2014

Category: Friends

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There was a small get together at Sherryl’s today and I headed over after work. The street she lives on isn’t very long and although I had only been there once before at night, I thought I would be able to easily recognize it, especially since I recalled it had a few steps and a lot of windows on enclosed front porch; wrong.

I spent drove up and down the block over half a dozen times. I even got out an knocked on one door but as the mailbox said “Garcia” and that isn’t her last name I knew I had the wrong place (thankfully no one answered the door). Thankfully I did find it.

Alethea was there but she had to leave pretty early on so it was just Sherryl, Joyce, Carol  and I and occasionally Sherryl’s finance would pop in.  Joyce and Sherryl are going to be in the color run tomorrow and Joyce decided to use pipecleaners in her hair to give it a little flair…above it is starting to look a little like Cindy Lou Who.

Sherryl’s son came home and brought his little guy, Alex and he was showing us his “Minions”.   Sherryl had heard it so much she could recite their sayings, which was hilarious.    Joyce had been up since the middle of the night and fell asleep.  We contemplated drawing a mustache on her with a Sharpie, but decided just to take a picture instead, which Alex decided to photobomb.

After visiting for several hours and swapping stories Carol and I headed out about 10:30pm.

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