McDonald’s Big Breakfast with Hotcakes – $3.99 (+ tax)

By: kmom14

May 03 2014

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While it might not be the best health-conscious breakfast at it is over 1,000 calories, it is a good deal financially.

You get a sausage, a biscuit, scrambled eggs and 3 hot cakes and a hasbrown.     Not pictured, because they forgot to include them, are the hash browns.   I  got it at the location across from Glenbrook Mall and it was busy and I think the person at the window was new.  I guess on the bright side is it was 150 calories less this way.

The sausage is obviously processed, but it has a bit of a spicy flavor without being too hot.   The eggs are usually the right temperature and have a good flavor and the hotcakes fluffy and light and this is consistent at most McDonalds.   The only two items that I have found to be inconsistent are the biscuit and the hash browns, usually due to be overcooked or having set to long before being served.

It is enough food for a grown person and a child or good if you know you are not going to get to take a lunch and maybe dinner but want to fuel up for the day (you can always save the biscuit for later too).

When my son was young,  sometimes on a Saturday or Sunday morning at a location with an indoor play land we would split it; he would get the hotcakes and hash brown and I would get the sausage, eggs and the biscuit, so I also have a lot of good memories tied to having this meal.



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