“Thor: The Dark World”

By: kmom14

May 08 2014

Category: Movies

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Rock creatures must be the new big thing as this is the 2nd movie this year; the other movie being the “Rock Angels” in “Noah”.

In this movie the nemesis  thousand of years ago a race of Dark Elves that use an entity known as the Aether to try to bring darkness to the Universe, but it taken from them and hidden where they can’t find, but wouldn’t you know, it is hidden on Earth and it would just happen to be Thor’s love interest Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) that is infected with it and Thor (Chris Hemsworth)

I won’t go on to spoil the plot, but I will say that watching this movie was like watching bits and pieces of other movies; like the above mentioned Rock creature being like the Rock Angel in “Noah” along with the fact that Anthony Hopkins was in both movies and there is one cave scene where they must have used the same set for both movies.

Another is some of the space ship scenes were reminiscent of “Star Wars” and the styling of the castle Thor lived was like the one in the 2nd Riddick movie.    The Dark Elf wreaks of  “Lord Of The Rings”  and the plot a little like “Hellboy II:  The Golden Army”.

I have to admit that of all the Marvel characters, Thor is my least favorite and he seems pretty boring and bland and find his adopted brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston) to be a more interesting character.

One thing I really didn’t like in the movie was Jane Foster slapping both Thor and Loki.    I think it show immaturity and uncouth, which not only is not in keeping with the character, who is to be a brilliant scientist, but sets a bad example for women everywhere and in the real world, Jane would probably lose her job as she would be viewed as having anger management issues and being emotionally unstable.   She even might end even spend some time in jail for assault and battery.

There are some cool special effects and stunning scenery and there is a surprise twist just before the end (because at the end, like the other Marvel movies it is the beginning of the next sequel) and there were some amusing parts so it is worth watching.



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