Cavetelli con Quattro Formaggi at Casa Ristorante Italiano

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For Mother’s Day my son took me out to dinner at Casa’s next to the Coliseum in Fort Wayne.    While we don’t eat here very often anymore as it is not within our budget, we have been been visiting this restaurant for over 20 years as we like their food.

My favorite dish at Casa’s is  their Cavetelli con Quattro Formaggi.  It is  a medium shell pasta smothered in a cream sauce with four cheeses:  Parmesan, Provolone, Mozzarella and Gorgonzola cheese and with a bit of salt and pepper added on top is a savory bites of comfort food.   My son used to describe it was like wrapping yourself up in a warm blanket on a cold day.    We both noticed the texture seemed a little different but it was still good.

The above was $12.99, which to me is a bit high for a pasta dish, but as you can see by the plate above it is a very generous portion.   Rarely have I not had to get a take home container and enjoyed the leftovers the next day and get to relive a good memory with each bite.

Our table split a large Casaburo salad ($7.99 for a large), which is their signature salad. It is Caesar salad made with  romaine lettuce tossed with shave bits of what appears to be Parmesan cheese, bits of chopped tomatoes, croûtons  and tossed with their house-made Caesar dressing.   Every thing was fresh and it did have a good flavor, but is did seem less sweet than I recall it being on prior visits.

One person in our party had the Spaghetti with Meatballs ($10.29) for around the same price and his dish was just as large and came with 3 meatballs but he ordered an extra meatball (think it was around $2.49 for one).    The meatballs are just a wee bit smaller than a base ball.    I have always found their spaghetti sauce to be a little bland for my personal taste as I like my sauce loaded with garlic and spices, but the meatballs save the day on the dish.   My son tasted one and said it was the best meatball he had ever tasted.

They also have complementary bread that is served with butter that is a nice accompaniment to the meal.

The only problem we had on this visit was that we originally were seated on the north side near a large party and felt the tables were too close together and my son immediately  went to the hostess and requested to be moved and we were relocated to the south end where it was not busy and appreciated their prompt resolution of the problem and we enjoyed sitting in front of one of the large murals on their walls, this one being of the canals in Venice, Italy.    It was also a bit dim and I would have preferred it to be a bit lighter or have votive candle on the table.

Our service on this visit was excellent.  We I thought our waitress looked a little like a young Vanessa Williams.  She was very prompt, friendly and attentive, checking back frequently and refilling drinks as needed and she helped to make Mother’s Day a special one.
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  1. AS ” One other member of our party”, I, the un-named member thought the meal was ok. As I am not important enough to be named I think I’ll just cry in my Lemon Onion soup’ and dry my face with un-seasoned bread sticks ( and leave a 20% tip).

    • Good gracious get a grip and stop being such a whinosaurs.

      As this is linked to Urbanspoon, I like to leave our names out of it and focus on the restaurant, service and the food. There have been plenty of other posts about you.

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