“The Art Of The Steal”

art of the steal
The movie starts out with “Crunch” Calhoun (Kurt Russell) going to prison in Warsaw, Poland after he and his brother Nicky (Matt Dillon)  are arrested after an art heist they pull off and Nicky flips and gives the police his brother in exchange for being released.

When “Crunch” gets of prison he goes straight and works as motorcycle daredevil but is lured back into one last heist where he gets  his old gang back together.

There are several things that just aren’t believable.    The most unbelievable one, especially where “Crunch” agrees for a mere $800 to intentionally wreck his motorcycle and injure himself – $800 won’t even cover the cost to one trip to the ER, let alone the pain and risk to his health.    I also don’t believe, or at least I don’t want to, that art experts would be so easily duped as they seem to be in this movie.

I like both Russell and Dillon as actors and thought the supporting cast did well and the characters well developed except of the apprentice/assistant Francie, who is totally forgetable other than he was one of the few people Russell’s character knew he could trust.

I am not a fan of “heist” films in general as I don’t think stealing should be glorified, but as this illustrated the downside as well I could live with it.

It has some twists and although not a great movie, is a watchable one.

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