Earth Fare

By: kmom14

May 17 2014


Category: Grocery Stores, Shopping

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Earth Fare,  an organic supermarket chain, opened recently in town and went to check it out.   I found it to be very similar to The Fresh Market  we already have in town, except there were free samples on a few things and they did have fresh pasta, salad bar and a bulk sugar scrub/bath salts.

They had an olive bar, a dessert and organic meats like they did at The Fresh Market and they even have some of their spices in envelopes in little cubby holes just like Fresh Market does.

I thought about maybe trying out the sugar or bath salts, and although .99 cents might not sound expensive, I put one of small pre-made up containers on scale and it was 6 ounces.  Yikes.   It seems higher than what you would get at Bath and Body Works (although actually it is much cheaper to make on you own at home).

I heard one shopper comment that it seemed to be the same thing you could get at your regular grocery except higher priced and part of that I would have to agree with.   Some of the items were the same thing you could purchase in a regular store for less money.

I was disappointed not to see more of a variety of  fresh fruit and vegetables, but the sample of both the watermelon and pineapple I tried were fresh and tasted great.

On thing I didn’t like that the health/beauty area on the back right of the store was so closely packed together.  Several time I couldn’t and had to back out the aisle and go around if someone with a cart had stopped to look at something.  Sometimes I felt I was in someone’s way and other times that they were in mine which does not make for a comfortable shopping experience    The aisle were wide in the back  left  of the store and out would seem it would be a better plan to space things out a little more evenly.

They did have a 3 gallon glass jug of Apple Juice for $7.77 that was a good deal and I was going to pick up but the line was taking too long and we had to get going.

For me personally, I will stick with visiting our local 3 Rivers Co-Op as far as anything health food or organic as they have a better bulk foods/spices/tea selections and although don’t have a salad bar, they do have deli and a hot bar.

Also, it is not really worth the drive across town and the prices seem to be about the same.


One comment on “Earth Fare”

  1. good review. I’ll take your advise and shop at the co-op.

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