Marv at Klemm’s Kafe

052014 MarvI had the day off and was going to go to lunch with Marv. He had advised there were free brats and burgers at local supply house for customer appreciation and that was  our original plan, even though I am not really a burger and brats sort of gal since it was going to be free I was originally all in.

On the way I recalled hearing recently on the news recently about an E. Coli scare in hamburgers and my stomach started churning and more so the closer we got.  I told Marv and he laughed as he found it amusing and we decided to eat somewhere else.

It is strange how we can be psyched out over something we hear. Several years back we were eating spaghetti at Fazolis when Kyle and I started talking about worms and the color drained from Marv’s face and could see his gag reflex kicking in, especially when Kyle said something about it and it wasn’t like the worms were the spaghetti he had just eaten and moving around in his stomach, which of course made him think exactly about that. He told us to stop and he wasn’t kidding as it was going to make him hurl if we didn’t.

Back to today.  We turned around and headed to Klemm’s as we had not been there in a long time. We arrived to find out it was 15 minutes before time for them to close and we had to eat in a hurry, which is simple for me as I only have a half out for lunch at work but more of challenge for Marv as he like to talk while eating.

It didn’t help that they had  historic pictures of Fort Wayne on the wall and Marv being a history buff, but we both were trying to figure out where some of the places might have been taken as the city has changed a lot over the years and we ended up being the last customers out, which is why the tip was larger than standard.


  1. I wish I had known she was gonna post a pic of me as I do not like to get my pic taken with that damn oxy hose in my face! I do enjoy having lunch with Kathy.

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