How My Son Dealt With An Annoying Caller

phoneDespite being on the Do Not Call registry we still get some strange telemarketing/scam calls like others do, one where someone with an heavy accent leaves a message for Jason English (but pronounces it “Ingerish”) .

Lately it had been a local number and twice when I picked up, no one answered on the other end.

This time when they called my son excitedly said “Let me take of of this” and he hits the speakerphone then screamed loudly into it then hung up.

They immediately called back.   This time, he answered on speakerphone using a higher pitched voice answered “Santa!   For Christmas I want a Power Ranger, Hot Wheels, a new bike, a toy rifle, a pony, and some candy…and I want a G.I. Joe and Jeep for him and a puppy and a firetruck and stuffed toys” and rattled on pretty much what his Christmas list was when he was 4 for a few minutes.    At the end just heard some talking in the background in a foreign language but the caller was left speechless as nothing was said and he hung up again.  Kyle said he read on Facebook the way to deal with telemarketers was to tell a kid that Santa was on the phone and to give him their Christmas list.

About two minutes later they call again and he answers on speakerphone and pretended to be a ghetto thug and again, the caller had nothing to say and just heard background voices.

Next time it was even a few more minutes later and he answered on speakerphone again, but this time pretended to be a little old lady that spoke a foreign language and this time the caller did try to say a few words that seemed wither Chinese or Spanish.   My son ended the call saying in the same voice “Ollieollieoxyenfree” and hung up.

The last time he answered the person did say something, but we are not sure what and my son said “wrong number”.   The man answered repeating back “wrong number” and something else, but we were not sure what, but at least they didn’t call back again.

It probably gave the guy a headache, but I think it made my son’s day.   Guess in a strange way all of those acting classes he used to go to were paying off, either that or watching Mrs. Doubtfire 100 times, paid off.

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