Sam’s Choice Pizza – Alfredo Ham and Bacon

sams choice pizza
At Walmart while shopping for groceries after work I came across this pizza  and decided to give it a try as we liked a pizza we had from Pizza Hut that we had made up with Alfredo sauce instead of the tomato (don’t know if all Pizza Huts will do that, but our local once was accommodating) despite the odd wording of “Ham Water Added” in the description along with Applewood Smoked Bacon, Alfredo Sauce.    So did they add Ham Water to the whole pizza, or just water to the the ham, and even so, who would care if you added water to the ham where you felt you needed to indicate it as an ingredient?

One thing thing they didn’t note on the front of the box is that it contains onions (although it is noted on the back of the box).   Still, sounds like someone in Proofreading should be fired.

Another odd thing on the back of the box, it indicates “Do Not Eat Pizza Without Baking” and to “Promptly Refridgerate or Discard Leftovers”.  Thank you Captain Obvious.

Nevertheless, it was around $4.76 and when my son saw it he announced it would be dinner so we took it out of the box and the center picture is what it looked like.   The box said to place it directly on center oven rack, but we put it on a pizza pan instead.   Instructions were to bake it at 375 degrees for 20-22 minutes.   I left it in 22 minutes but my son said it still seemed to doughy so we put it back in for 3 more minutes, probably because we used a pan.

After pulling out my son said “Oh no, those aren’t onions on their are there”.  Yes, although it kind of looked like darker cheese before it went in the oven, there was bits of onion on the top, which my son hates, but was able to pick off fairly easy.

The box boasted “Signature Crust” with a “Tender Flaky Crust” and it did live up to that…the crust seemed somewhere between a pie crust and a crescent roll with its texture and flavor that was good, and different than any other crust I have had on a pizza and it was really the star of the pizza, with the sauce and bacon being adequate, but the ham not bringing a whole lot to the overall flavor …not bad, but nothing to write home about either.   Perhaps it was due to too much ham water being added to them.   Even so, I will buy this again but will probably sprinkle on more bacon.

It was refreshing not to have a yeasty crust on a pizza and it was good.  We might try their two other pizzas that offer the same crust:   “Mega Meat” and “Philly Cheese Steak”.

Disclaimer:  I have received nothing for this post and have no affiliation (or beef) with Walmart.  I paid full retail price and is my full honest opinion for better or worse; just sharing my experience and thoughts on this product and sadly, didn’t have anything more interesting to post about today.

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