“The Monuments Men”

This movie is based on a true story of a hand-picked men for a small unit that were commissioned during World War II to retrieve stolen art and artifacts that the Nazi’s had taken during raids of homes, churches, and museums and return the pieces to their rightful owners near the end of the war.

As you can see from the credits in the picture, the movie has a multi-star cast with George Clooney being the director along with being one of the co-writers and considering the subject matter, tried to keep it interesting.

It was worth watching and gaining knowledge from a historical perspective as I had never knew this had happened, but can see where this movie it will appeal more to history and war buffs and is one I can see being shown in high school history classes.


3 comments on ““The Monuments Men””

  1. I so enjoyed the movie that twice now I have found this DVD in my grocery cart only to put it back on the display. I simply don’t NEED to buy this and pay a $20 for it. I’ll buy it when the price drops below 15.00

  2. I’m still looking for it a a reduced cost– 2015

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