Cozy, Boxy Retro Chairs at Burger King

Picture 371
Although we first saw this area when we dined at Burger King last weekend with four cozy, boxy retro looking chairs in white and bright orange with  long coffee table in between, we didn’t get a chance to sit in the area until we dined there last night.

The chairs were very comfortable and it seemed more like we were dining at something a little more upscale than Burger King, except for the television above that had to compete with fairly loud music which seemed to be the same three screeching ballads played over, and over and over again.

I would personally like to see either the cozy seats located in a corner or on the other side of the wall and not have the radio piped in the area where they are located as this would be a good place to meet up if you have four or less in your party if not for the blaring distractions.


(Burger King located at 232 E Pettit Ave., Fort Wayne, IN in Southgate Plaza)


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