Poor Mama Goose

By: kmom14

May 31 2014


Category: Animals

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Focal Length:17.6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:COOLPIX S3100

This goose has been sitting  by the door on the way out under the eaves where I work and have only seen her a few feet way from it once and this it the first time I have seen her standing up.

She hisses every time someone opens the door to leave.   Not a fun way to end the day to have a goose hiss at you when you are walking out, but as as the door is used a many times by people leaving at the end of the day has to be exhausting for her.

The worst part is that I had heard under a Indiana DNR Nuisance Goose Management the eggs were treated so they will never hatch and despite her valiant efforts it is all for naught.

Kind of sums up what many of our lives are like; we have sat on our career egg, our relationships eggs, child(ren)’s egg(s) or other big goal egg(s) only to find out we have been doomed early on, (by our own choices or known or unknown outside sources and not realized it for a long time, if ever.


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