“The Other Woman”

My friend Beth and her friend Bev had originally planned to meet for a matinee for this movie, but it turned out not to be showing at the theater that the website I had looked up and we ended up going across town to an evening showing, but it was worth it as it was a good movie.

It stars Cameron Diaz, who plays an attorney, quickly gets into a relationship quickly with a man that shows enough promise that around 8 weeks in he is scheduled to go with she and her father for dinner, but bails after getting a phone call saying his housekeeper called saying there is a bad leak.   Her Dad encourages her to show up at her new man’s place and when she knocks on the door is greeted by her beau’s wife, Kate (played by Leslie Mann) and although she tries to play it cool and pass it off as a mistake, Kate shows up at the office the next day and asks her if she has been having an affair with her husband.

The standout of the movie was Leslie Mann’s performance of Kate, the ditzy but likeable jilted wife that was well complemented by Cameron Diaz’s strong female lead role of Carly and there interaction and reluctant odd friendship is what makes this movie work.

The male lead, Mark King, played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau brings to life the cheating husband and it  also works as he is more of an average looking guy that seems normal nice enough guy that you would not suspect he has a smarmy side and agenda.

Kate Upton, a SI swimsuit model is another one of the “other women” and  that is really all she brings to the table for this movie and probably cast to try to bring in a younger male audience.

Other noteables is Taylor Kinney (Lady GaGa’s boyfriend in real life) as Kate’s brother and a small role by Nicky Minaj as Carly (Diaz’s) secretary.

I won’t go into further details as I do not want to spoil the plot.  Although it is more of a chick flick, it does have comedy, revenge and drama that a wider audience 13 and over could enjoy.


3 comments on ““The Other Woman””

  1. I like how well Kathryn reviews a movie but I did not read anything about cars or motorcycles. Did this movie have a Syborg? Did the wife blow up a building with a bazooka with her damned cheating husband in it? And was there any boob shots? No? Glad I didn’t go along on this one! The title sounded something akin to “Steel Magnolias”. I saw that one with my mom and Kathryn on a bus trip once. I couldn’t walk out or smoke and there was no popcorn. 🙂

    • No Cyborgs or motorcycles, I didn’t pay attention to the cars but no wild chas scenes, but has the SI model in a bikini on the beach, but they did have some smashed glass and a scene in a bathroom, which as a plumber I know you always enjoy.

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