Desk for $38 at Salvation Army

By: kmom14

Jun 05 2014

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I had been looking for a good used desk as mine is old and falling apart and found the above originally a week earlier at our local Salvation Army for $80, which was more than I had budgeted for and it does have some wear on the top and scuffs on the side, but as I knew there was going to be a sale the next week and could get 25% if I brought a friend.

I decided to cross my fingers and check back on sale day and I am glad I did, as it had been marked down to $50 and I was then able to get it for $38+tax.

As I have never refinished anything Marv picked up the supplies for around $12 and will show me how to refinish it this next weekend.    As it is made of oak instead of particle board like pretty much anything else in my budget would be, it is a solid investment.

As most of you probably know already, the Salvation Army is an international Christian Church based non-profit organization that helps people in need and  include food distribution, disaster relief, rehabilitation centers and other programs and is funded through donation of money and items for their store and donations are tax dedutable.

Salvation Army Stores usually have sales around the holidays and they have an app on their site to look up a store near your zip code  here.


One comment on “Desk for $38 at Salvation Army”

  1. I thought it was a great deal at $50. because it’s solid oak and somewhat heavy. But Kath knows how to stretch a buck and knows ” the art of the deal”, so, she waited. I never thought it would still be available after a week but there it was. good deal.

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