Steak ‘N Shake – $4 Menu Item – Bacon Horseradish Single Steakburger Meal

By: kmom14

Jun 08 2014

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This is a current offering on Steak ‘N Shake chain restaurant on their Under  Menu – it is $3.99.  We went to the one on Coldwater Road by Walmart in Fort Wayne, IN.

For the price you get a single burger that is topped with  a slice of  American cheese,  a few strips of bacon, French Fried Onion bits with  horseradish sauce and a side of crisp French fried fries.

The burger was hot and the bacon crispy and enough to cover the top of the sandwich and french fried onions crispy.

I found that the big glob of horseradish sauce seemed to be used to hold the french fried onions on the sandwich but  competed too much with the other flavors when I put the top back on and bit in and it would be much better if the sauce was spread thinly on the top of the bun and would probably be enough to hold the onions in place.    With just a bit of sauce the kick complemented the other flavors instead of overwhelming.  If you order this burger, I would suggest ordering the horseradish sauce on the side and spreading on the amount on you want.

The French Fries were hot and crispy with just enough salt.

I know how things turn out can vary by location, but overall we have been happy with this location with both service and quality/value of food.



One comment on “Steak ‘N Shake – $4 Menu Item – Bacon Horseradish Single Steakburger Meal”

  1. and I liked it too.

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