$5 Garage Sale Find – 1878 Ansonia Clock

Marv has always had a thing for anything wood, but especially clocks, so even though this one was not working, he picked it up for $5.

It was not until he started looking at it later that he realized it was an antique – on the label on the back it indicated it is an 1878 Ansonia Clock.   Told him if I had bought it up but would  have torn the guts out and turned it into a necklace organizer, which made him cringe.

Even going over the bumps in the road the chime (center picture on the right) still had a rich tone to it.

On the bottom right is what appears to be the signature and and number signed in pencil; could be the clockmaker and clock number, or something else, like an estate name and lot number for an auction.

On the Antique Ansonia Clocks has a brief history of the company, indicating they were one of the major clock manufacturers in the 19th century an produced millions of clocks.   They were incorporated in 1850 and went into receivership and assets were sold to Soviet Russia in 1929.

An interesting story from that site the year the clock, 1878, was made is Thomas Edison visited the factory with his lab assistant and they experimented in combining clocks with his then new developed phonograph, but it never panned out.




2 comments on “$5 Garage Sale Find – 1878 Ansonia Clock”

  1. there are 2 manufacturing plants listed on the label. One is Ansonia Conn. and the other is Brooklin NY. Ansonia clock Co. built a new plant in Brooklin and that same yr it burnt down. They Rebuilt the Brooklin NY plant and closed the old one in Conn. Therefore the clock was made when the 2 plants were operating together. That puts this clock manufactured between 1878 and 1880. On the by…. the person who owned this company was none other than Anson Phelps. Ever heard of Phelps-Dodge? Dodge was his son-in law. The clock co. was a subsidiary of Ansonia Brass Company. they imported metal from Europe and he bought the clock company so he could sell brass to the clock company and then make more money when the clock sold.

    • Thanks for the additional back story for this cool piece of history and that you recognized that. Again, if I picked it instead I wouldn’t have noticed it was an antique and it would have ended up as a craft project. Would have made a cool jewelry holder or wardrobe or coffin for a Barbie.

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