“3 Geezers”

By: kmom14

Jun 11 2014


Category: Movies

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Focal Length:4.6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:COOLPIX S3100

This was a Redbox rental and the blub indicated that the movie is about an actor researching the role for an upcoming movie by going to an nursing home and learns that what he had thought older people would be like are much different than what he thought they would be.   It also has Tim Allen front and center on the cover and has him listed second in the credits, although his screen time in the movie is probably under 60 seconds.

That is the beginning of several disappointments in the movie. Another being the actor that is pursuing the role is not a young guy…he has to at least middle aged himself and from his life experience, the behaviors he sees really should be no surprise to him.

The movie is shot like a “reality” documentary with very poor quality sound which is distracting throughout. Another was the humor was just too crude to be funny, dummied down the “3 Geezers” to attempt to get a few laughs with the behaviors just too over the top and scripted.

I guess the good part of the movie is that it did give some older actors a chance to work  and to try to show older people aren’t just sitting around waiting to die and that running out of money is scarier than the thought of dying.

Still, a better movie would have been an actual documentary of stories of real people and although it might not be a “comedy” per se, but I think everyone has a least one amusing story from their past they could tell.

There are a few funny parts, but they are the uncomfortable funny kind more than the ha-ha funny kind and the type of humor is more “guy”  humor and likely to appeal to men more than women.

Due to some of the sexual themes and foul language, I would not recommend to viewers under the age of 18.


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