“Abandoned Mine”

The movie had mixed reviews so I decided to watch it for myself to make up my own mind and although I enjoyed it, I can understand why some viewers might have felt left let as they were probably expecting something a little more like the “Descent”, which this would be a Disney movie by comparison.

It did have a few claustrophobic nightmare moments like the “Descent” but that and it being friends on an adventure, the comparison would end there.

It has the basic formula of many horror flicks, 5 college age friends, get together for an adventure on Halloween night and go to an local abandoned mine, where 100 years earlier a man and his two daughters were rumored to have been murdered in a mine collapse engineered by the mining company out of greed and is allegedly haunted.

I thought there could have been a better establishment of characters and in the beginning; I was not sure if the two girls were meant to be sisters, cousins or just friends and the end seemed a bit hurried and let down in comparison to the build up to it, but it did have a twist towards the end that made it interesting.

Alex Vega, the dark haired girl from the “Spy Kids” movies, is one of the leads, but with her now blonde locks is not recognizable from those earlier roles.    She is more of a supporting character, which is sad because I would have preferred her to be in the female lead role as I think she is a better actress than the one that did play the lead.

The other female lead, Saige Thompson did ok, but better towards the beginning of the movie then towards the end where there were a few times where there just didn’t seem much behind the delivery of her lines.

The male lead played is by Reiley McClendon, who has been on many TV shows, thought mostly on one episode, and he carried this movie and the ringleader for their little misadventure.   He reminded me a little bit of a younger version of Norman Reedus of “The Walking Dead”.

It is rated P-13 and doesn’t have the gore, swearing and sex that many horror films have and more of a psychological horror/cautionary tale than a true horror movie, although there is a scene where the head of a rat is bitten off.

As others have described,  as such would be suitable for wide audience and I think suitable for tweens on up, but might still give younger kids nightmares.


One comment on ““Abandoned Mine””

  1. I have always like the way Kathy reviews movies. She can dissect the action and evaluate the sean (sp. I know it’s not “seen”):)

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