Great Wall II – A Mixed Bag Experience

By: kmom14

Jun 14 2014

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We decided to dine here as we had a $1.50 off dinner in our Mad Money booklet (a local coupon booklet) and we called and dinner (which begins at 3pm) was $9.99.

It is located in Pine Valley Shopping Center the BMV in Fort Wayne and looks nice enough on the outside.   Inside the decor is dated and the lighting sort of yellowish.

There were huge boxes of napkins right next to the entryway bench and the table next it, which is out in the open, seemed to be an area where the servers kept there tickets.   I would think a more appropriate area would be out of sight or at least move the table next to the register.

We were greeted and seated and I was a bit shocked to see table numbers not just written on the napkin dispenser, but on the wall itself.   While I have waited tables before and worked places that numbered the tables to keep the delivery straight, never have I seen this done and it was a bit off-putting.   Another was the ripped seat on the the bench that was next to us.   The doors in the place needed to be scrubbed down, but other than that was clean.

One thing we loved were the Koi fish designs, the gold chrome and the large chandeliers which looked very upscale and eloquent.

While it is a buffet, we ordered drinks and our server was attentive throughout about checking to see if a refill was needed and clearing plates.

One thing I did like is seeing a sign that children under 10 needed to be accompanied by an adult, which I have not seen at a buffet place before and think it is a great idea.

Some foods was very good, like the  steak cooked to order, some of the Chinese dishes, the fresh fruit and a decent variety ice cream you could hand dip.

Others were rather ho-hum, like the limited salad bar with mostly bottled dressing set out and the dessert bar with the standard store-bought boxed desserts that most buffets seem to have anymore that look better than they taste.     That being said, I can’t say that anything tasted bad and my guest loved everything he ate.

For the price we paid it was well worth it despite its drawbacks and although not my top pick, it would be a place I would eat at again if I were in the area.
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One comment on “Great Wall II – A Mixed Bag Experience”

  1. it was good eatin’.

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