Disco Shoes

Officially these are known as Starter Men’s Joe Jogging shoes at Walmart for $13.88, but when I first saw him wearing them I was a little stunned as they don’t match his personality.   I advise they did not look plumber appropriate.   They look more like an astronaut shoe or something you would see the fella wearing at the flea market that sells irregular socks.

The reason he said he got them is that he was in Decatur, Indiana at the time and his shoes were falling apart and  the Walmart there had limited selections in his size and this was pretty much it.   Have large feet myself, I understand the quest for finding shoes that will fit are not easy, but what can I say…not something you would expect to see on a guy that can get AARP discounts.    One good thing about getting older though is you do reach a point in your life that you stop caring about what everyone else thinks and have the courage to wear whatever the heck you want to.

I have come to refer them to as “Disco Shoes” as they remind me of something former local club fixture and legend Disco Harry would have worn with one his Elton Johnish inspired outfits that he wore in the mid 1980’s.    He was obviously beyond giving a rat’s rear-end and always seemed to be enjoying himself, so party on Mr. Plumber.


One comment on “Disco Shoes”

  1. You should know about “Disco Harry”, you danced with him.

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