The majority of this thriller is Stephen Dorff, portraying a Secret Service person reacting to the situation from inside a plastic box in a dark space. Dorff (probably best know for being the head vampire/nemesis in the first “Blade” movie”, who has been acting since he was a child, does a heck of an acting job and the screenwriter and directors kept it interesting.

While it sounds like a simple, trite, movie, it is anything but. From the time he wakes up and tries to figure out where he is? Why he is there? Who has taken him? What do they want from him?

There are also some surprising twists at the end. Due to the language and theme, it is rated MPAA, but it is a decent watch – I gave it a 7 out of 10 on IMDB.com and would recommend watching it.

This is currently available on Netflix and if you are a subscriber you might want to take a break and check out “Brake” and watch Dorff’s characters world become shattered.


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