This is probably one of the best films that you have never heard of; I had not until it was recommended on another blog I follow (can’t recall which one).  I like it so much I intend on purchasing.

It is based in the future and 99% of the movie takes place aboard a futuristic train that travel around the world, “Snowpiercer” as the riders on the train are the sole survivors of humanity after an attempt to cool down the Earth succeeded too well and the world froze.

The set has an artistic quality throughout, even in the beginning at the end of the train where everything is gritty and dirty.

It operates on a caste system to maintain order, where a person’s social standing has been ordained by what section they boarded the train.   Eventually, in any such society, the have nots feel they have nothing to lose and will revolt.

There was also great performances by Chris Evans was the lead, along with John Hurt and Tilda Swinton.    While they looked familiar, I did not realize it was them until the credits rolled.

I am guessing it didn’t do as well as expected at the box office as the subject matter can be a bit dark and the fight scenes brutal without being gross as the camera cuts away at the point of impact and leaves you the tease of aftermath and allows your mind to fill in the blanks, which is genius.

I also think this is a movie that you can probably get a different perspective and interpretation the more you watch it as not everything was spelled out.

While there are several  plotholes if you take the storyline literally, the movie was meant to be a metaphor and is the theme as old as civilization.   It has indirect political undertones that some might not grasp, appreciate or like,  but there is still drama, action and plot twists to keep things interesting for most adult viewers (it is rated R).




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