SoloHealth Stations – Free Self-Service Health Screening

I spotted this when browsing at Walmart and decided to give it a try.  It is machine where you can pick the options you want to test.

The tests on the above machine were for blood pressure, weight, body fat density, eye sight and overall health.   If you take all the tests it takes probably around 5 minutes.

You have the option of creating an account or using as a guest and emailing the results.

As for the results, you have to consider people are in and out of it all day and kids probably play with it so it is going to be slightly off…the weight had me at 10 pounds lighter than my scale at home, the blood pressure slightly higher than it was the last time I had it checked and the eyesight a little worse than the last time I had my eyes checked.

This was next to the pharmacy at our local Walmart on Coldwater Road in Fort Wayne, but in checking out SoloHealth‘s website they are also available at other stores like Sam’s Club and Safeway.

To see if there is one within 50 miles of where you live check out  SoloHealth‘s website


One comment on “SoloHealth Stations – Free Self-Service Health Screening”

  1. sounds like a good cheap way to get my CDL fittness certification. does the machine grabs you and tells you to cough?

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