Prince of Royale Single – $4 Menu Item at Steak ‘N Shake

I decided to try something different off of the $4 menu at Steak “N Shake and opted for the Prince of Royale Single, which they advertise is similar to their “Royale” and it is served with a side of fries for $3.99.

The burger consists of a plump, juicy burger topped with melted American Cheese, several slices of crispy bacon and a fried egg served on a toasted bun.    Think you can tell from the description that I liked the individual components, but when taking a bites to eat together the egg seemed to take away from the juicyness of the burger and the crispyness of the bacon and drowned out the cheese all together.  It was better once separated and consumed as an open face burger with cheese with the bottom of the bun, and the egg and bacon on an open faced sandwich for the top.

For he fries, for .29 cents more you can order from a selection of specialty fries and I chose the Parmesan Cheese ‘n Herbs Seasoned Fries.  They were crispy and had a hint of garlic and Parmesan and were better on their own than dipped in ketchup – if I order again I will try with a side of mayonnaise as the flavor seemed like it needed one more ingredient..just not sure what it should be.


2 comments on “Prince of Royale Single – $4 Menu Item at Steak ‘N Shake”

  1. We stopped today and had the Prince of Royale single for lunch and it was great. I’m on the ketone diet, so I eat it without the bun and got my fats, proteins, and no carb. That’s a great lunch.

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