“Whopper Wednesday” Combo at Burger King – $3.89+tax

By: kmom14

Jul 09 2014

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Category: Burger King, Dining Out

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Getting a Whopper Combo for a little over $4 (with tax) at our local Burger King (although prices can vary by location) make “hump day” something to look forward to.

This has become a Wednesday ritual for us despite the long lines and waits, especially since the they added comfy chairs option and the snazzy new soda machine where you can customize your soda selection.

For the price you get a full size Whopper, french fries and a soft drink.

For the french fries there is the option of regular or “Satisfries”, which are french fries with 40% less fat and 30% few calories and they are a crinkle cut, although I find them lacking in flavor and if I am going to get my junk food on, it I am going full force and get the regular and  save calories by getting a Diet Coke or zero calorie flavored water option.


One comment on ““Whopper Wednesday” Combo at Burger King – $3.89+tax”

  1. I always end up spending more because I’m not fiscally responsible.

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