Could inspire a Stephen King novel

By: kmom14

Jul 14 2014

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Category: Stuff that creeps me out

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Focal Length:4.6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:COOLPIX S3100

I actually did have a nightmare after visiting this bathroom.

While it is retro 50’s theme at diner I posted about here, the fluorescent light bouncing off all of the reg d on the walls give is an eerie pink, almost otherworldly glow to a cramped, unpleasant bathroom.

In my nightmare there was small, robed, squashed grave-robbed slaves  straight out of the 1979 flick “Phantasm” that was trying to drag me off the commode and into their domain.

My innards freeze up just by looking at this photo now.  We plan on visiting the diner again, but I for one will either make a pit stop at K-Mart down the road either before or after as I am not going in that bathroom again.

If it gave me that kind of nightmare, I can only imagine what story he could dream of or up after visiting it as it would be right at home in many of his books.



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