The Bean Cafe and Tea House – Has possibilites

We had been visiting the Police and Fire Memorial next door and stopped in here for our first time to get something to drink and use the restroom.

As you can see, it has a beautiful oak bar and there is a raised area to the left. There is platform area towards the front that is set up with an old upholstered chair and books that looks like it is a reading nook.     There were more tables and what appeared to be a kitchen a

I was slightly taken aback by what appeared to be a filthy floor but my guest pointed out it was just old.  It did look like the 1950’s flooring we found under the carpet of our house.

There was only one person behind the counter and there was a line, but the young man was getting drinks but seemed a little out of it and my guest had to ask twice where the restroom was.   A young woman came in and it appeared she was another employee that had just stopped in, but she stepped up and took our order and told us about their punch card program.

I purchased a 16 oz  Mango Fusion Smoothie (around $3) and my guest had coffee (around $1.85).   The Smoothie was made from a bottle and ice, but it was delicious and my guest said the coffee was good.    I think a good addition to this place would be an investment in a frozen yogurt machine an use the existing flavorings for coffee, or even mix the coffee or tea into the smoothie for something unique.

There was a small dog in the place while we were there and although it was adorable, a young girl took it to the young woman behind the bar and I would think that would be a health code violation.

I did see something there about an open mic night on Tuesdays and toward the back there was an old drum set.  I can see this being a fun hang out for a younger,  artistic crowd, and perhaps they could expand on that my maybe having a contest and have different artists paint a row of tiles on the floor each week and then use a sealer to keep it looking fresh and maybe feature local artists work for sale on the wall which would allow exposure for the artist and free artwork for the teahouse to use.

As it is near the Wells Street Bridgeand Police Memorial and visible from Wells street but not on it, so they have two interesting views if you take advantage of sitting at one of the tables outside.   They are also near the Rivergreenway bike trail on the other side of the bridge and would think it would be a great place to pop in and cool off.

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