Phone Break in File Area

By: kmom14

Jul 22 2014


Category: Everyday life, History

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Usually I use the last 5 minutes of my half hour  lunch to make any personal phone calls and as this old file area is the only semi-private area in this old file area.

It is amazing how  much technology has changed our lives.  It has only been in the past twenty years that most businesses in town have gone to virtual storage and it used to be everything would be filed and stored in manilla folders in alphabetical order and if you needed information, usually a file clerk would pull the file.

Now everything that would normally be stored in a file is now stored online and is available at our finger tips.  Makes me wonder how things will be in another twenty years.


One comment on “Phone Break in File Area”

  1. don’t worry about it, your be dead in 15 ( I wonder if your gonna read this).

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