Burger King Drive-Thru Menu

As we have gotten into the (bad) habit ritual of the great deal on Whopper meals on Wednesday for a little over $4 and Marv was not feeling well enough to leave the house, I decided to pick up via drive thru and above is a pic of the board at our local drive through in Southgate Plaza in Fort Wayne, IN on Pettit Ave. not just to preserve the memory, but find it interesting to see how menus and prices change over time and maybe do a comparison of them in the future.

Although it was agreed ahead of time that the dogs be put up before I come over, he hadn’t gotten around to it yet.   They seemed to be Whopper intoxicated.    He had to practically drag the big dog to the laundry room and the Ratdog kept barking at me like it was demanding a sandwich.   While as a consenting adult a Whopper is guilty pleasure, I think sharing it with an animal you have been entrusted to care for  is probably an ASPCA offense so I just said no.



One comment on “Burger King Drive-Thru Menu”

  1. Rat Dog was upset that you didn’t Think to bring them something

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