Gospel Concert Outside Salvation Army and a Grandma Couch

By: kmom14

Jul 27 2014


Category: Thift Store Finds


Focal Length:5.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:COOLPIX S3100

While we were at the Salvation Army this past weekend they had a Gospel concert and offered free food, which I thought was cool, but Marv was annoyed at as they blocked the driveway in the parking lot where he was loading up a couch he purchased for 1/2 price for $32.50.

The choir had good harmony and was very energetic and inspiring and Marv commented that the bugaboo that was going on was too loud.

I was thinking to myself he would be fine if they had had been playing a banjo, a mouth harp and a moonshine jug as it would have reminded him as his hootenannies that were common in our hometowns (that and listening to crickets and grass grow) and told him I disagreed and really like it and he needed to lighten up.   I could tell he was trying, but there was still the stiffness in his jaw that wanted to go on a redneck verbal rampage; I am only glad I as there to prevent it.

Marv toted the couch home and despite being on oxygen didn’t wait until I or anyone else go there and had is almost all the way in the door when I got to his house after stopping for gas.

While the couch, which was a green paisley, was a good buy for the price as it was in great condition and I am sure would class up his place and a much better couch than the dogs has been chewing on, Kyle was aghast when he saw it and said “It is a Grandma couch!  You would only find this in nursing homes; I have seen the same couch in nursing homes!”.

I really couldn’t debate the point too much as he did have a point; I do think it was similar to a nursing home where he visited at a child to read to the elderly when he was in grade school.   Even so, still a good deal.



2 comments on “Gospel Concert Outside Salvation Army and a Grandma Couch”

  1. I do love the way she writes.

  2. […] that Marv got for 1/2 price that Kyle dubbed the “Grandma” couch that I blogged about here.    Despite everything, it looks almost new and is very comfortable and a great deal for only […]

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