Picking out 21st Birthday Cake

By: kmom14

Aug 04 2014

Category: Birthdays, Grocery Stores, Kyle, Meijer

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Focal Length:4.6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:COOLPIX S3100

The original plan has been was Kyle was going to pick out an ice cream cake at Dairy Queen, but when we met there Kyle has already been in and found that they no longer had a book that you could look at to pick out a cake.   When he said he was looking for something car themed he was horrified to be shown one in their freezer that had a Hot Wheels on top (as he had several like that when he was in grade school and I think he was insulted).

We next went to Meijers on Lima Road and had considered getting one and putting a photo on it, but their photo printer was broken.   He did find two images in the book that he thought would do, one a hot rod and another a motorcycle; however, since the photo printer was broken they couldn’t print that up either.   The gal tried being helpful and advised we could go to Country Kitchen’s and have an edible image printed for $5 and put one one (I decided if we were going to go that route I would bake a cake and put the image on myself).

While we were talking a kid came up and she handed him a free cookie (they give those out usually to children under 10.  There must have been a look of yearning in Kyle’s eyes, or she felt bad they couldn’t do the cake he wanted and offered him one too.   He used to ask for a cookie sometimes when we would go grocery shopping and he happily accepted.

We ended up going to the Meijer on Illinois Road and we did order his cake for Sunday he wanted – one with the Hot Rod image and “Happy 21st Birthday Kyle” on it.



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