Kyle’s 21st Birthday Party


For the family celebration, we celebrated Kyle’s birthday at his favorite hangout, Liberty Diner at the corner of Coliseum Blvd and Goshen Road in Fort Wayne, as he says their grilled cheese is the best ever and they allow car shows in their parking lot on a regular basis and he has been hanging out there since high school with other car enthusiasts, many older than myself, which I dubbed his “Car Croanies”.

We met in the back room around 4pm.   Kyle wanted something very no-frills and low key as that is the sort of fella he is.   I had thought about getting a fancy table cloth and balloons and coordinating plates and napkins, but I knew he would think that was too frou-frou so skipped the table cloth and balloons and pulled out the leftover plates and napkins from his graduation party and the silverware in packets was from Fazoli’s where we ordered take out and used real silverware at home.

In attendance at this party was the birthday young man, Kyle, his friend Cyler and his girlfriend Shelby and their baby Roman, his friend Seger, his Dad, Grandma Sprowl and myself.

Kyle had his usual, the grilled cheese sandwich, which is served on Texas Toast for $5.25.   His Dad ordered a bowl of Lemon Rice soup, which was the soup of the day, for $4.95 and we were all surprised to see how large it was – it was the size of large plate.  I had biscuits and gravy as they serve breakfast all day for $5.25 .  Some of the other had the Alpine Steak Burger, which is burger with sautéed mushrooms, bacon and Swiss Cheese for $9.25 as they have dined there often before and that was their favorite.

We all chatted while we dined, then Kyle opened presents, then the cake was served and then the men folk went to the parking lot at their was a car show beginning.

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