Roman’s First Birthday Party

By: kmom14

Aug 16 2014


Category: Cyler, Roman

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We went to Roman’s Birthday Party at Cyler’s House at 1pm.   It was an adventure getting there as Marv said he remembered where he lived but we had a few wrong turns along the way.   I suggested we call Kyle and asked and Marv, in the traditional proud male tradition of refusing to ask directions, a vehement “No” so we continued and after a few turnaround we did find the house.

Kyle’s girlfriend Shelby had made a cool snack display table with a chalkboard, a picture of Roman, lemonade and bottled water,  Buns and fixins for burgers and hotdogs, pasta salad, fresh fruit on skewers and mason jars full of baseball bubblegum, regular gum and carmel corn.

Cyler was on the grill cooking up the hamburgers and hot dogs.   The birthday boy got carried around by Mom, passed around and was pushed in his toy car by Grandma and Grandpa and Grandma Dora played a verision of “Whoa, the baby”  dipping the little guy upside down on her lap and pulling him up, which made his laugh.

Gabby, Cyler’s niece, and another girl put party hats on their heads and declared they were Unicorns, then put another hat over their mouths and said they were “Chicken Corns”, which were part Unicorns and part Chicken and also pulled each other around in a wagon.

When the baseball cake was served to Roman he didn’t know what to do with it.   After Mom and Dad dipped his finger in the frosting and he had a taste he started diving in and started picking up handfuls and was a caked up baby mess but had a good time.



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