Playing with the Pups

By: kmom14

Aug 17 2014

Category: Letti, Maxx, Rat Dog

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Focal Length:13.5mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:COOLPIX S3100

We went to let the dogs out at the house and there were some neighborhood kids in the yard that wanted to see the dogs so Marv brought them out.

The bigger dog, Letti, also known as “Baby” liked having the boys run and would chase after them as she loves to play.

Eddie, a/k/a “Ratdog” was skittish and ran to the car and sat on the seat beside me.   He would jump up and look out the window and look out and seemed to get jealous the big dog was having fun and wanted to go play, so I opened the door and let him out, but once he got there got skittish again and ran back to the car.

One comment on “Playing with the Pups”

  1. the house gets repainted by Kyle and me the first weekend after Labor day and the lawn got mowed 2 days later too. ( and I’m really not that fat as I am hiding 3 pupies under my shirt

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