Meatloaf Dinner at Chrome Plated Diner

By: kmom14

Sep 13 2014

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Category: Dining Out, Fort Wayne

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I decided to try something different on this visit at Chrome Plated Diner and tried the Meatloaf dinner that comes with choice of potato (I chose mashed) and choice of salad or vegetable (I chose coleslaw) for $8.95.

As you can see from the picture, the portion for the meatloaf was generous and as it was browned on the top I was concerned it might be tough, but was surprised to find it very moist.     The flavor was fine, but had a different flavor and texture than I am used to.

Meatloaf is something that is subjective as everyone’s Mom seems to prepare it differently and uses different ingredients and we hold Mom’s meatloaf as the standard; as I grew up very poor, there was very little meat in our meatloaf and that was different for me.


My Mom’s meatloaf had lots of onions and celery from the garden that was  bound together with bread and eggs with a lot of spices and ketchup on the top.   It tasted more like Mom’s after I squirted ketchup on it, but it is not something I would order again, especially since the chopped steak with the diced  onions and peppers on the top is the same price and I really liked that dish.

In my adult life, I have never once made meatloaf  as I didn’t like getting my hands gunky and the way my Mom taught me to make mixing and kneeding using my hands.

The potatoes and gravy were ok and I liked the creamy coleslaw.

We both ordered pie; I tried the pineapple cream, which I had never heard of before and it was ok, but I enjoyed the Coconut Cream that we had last time better.


Location:  3434 N Anthony Blvd. Fort Wayne, IN


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