Signs I Don’t See on the North Side of Town…

By: kmom14

Sep 14 2014


Category: Fort Wayne

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These pictures were taken on the Central and South Side of town and I found it to be an interesting sociological statement.

At the first pictures on the left at a gas station it advertises a”Special” the “We Accept Food Stamp Benefits”  and above it a price for a pack of cigarettes (although the Lotto sign on the door is common all over town).

At the top right, above the “New Everyday Low Prices” is a sign indicating “No Soliciting, No Pan Handling, no Loitering on these premises”.    Actually,  I have seen more of all three of these occurring on the Northside of town at grocery, gas stations and video stores but have never seen a sign posted.   I wonder why that is?   

The last is a sign at a gas station where if you purchase a broasted chicken meal you receive .10 off per gallon of gas.   I don’t eat chicken anyway, but even if I did I don’t know that I would want to eat one that I have to be enticed to buy with the lure of a discount of .10 per gallon of gas.

I was also at Family Dollar and was shocked that a young man that seemed a bit strung out on something came up to me and said he had just stolen a laptop and he would sell it to me for dirt cheap.   I was stunned and horrified that anyone would think I looked like the type of person who would buy something I knew was stolen.

I couldn’t get the words out – I just shook my head no and he went on searching for someone else, but it took everything in me not to go after and give him my Mom lecture on what he was doing was wrong and to take it back, that someone had worked hard to buy that and he should work hard for the things he wants and get off the drugs as this is what it has reduced him to.

In retrospect, I wish I had, but with him being strung out I was concerned for my safety and I ended up just reporting it to the cashier and manager.


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