“The Clyde” Quimby Village Theater

By: kmom14

Oct 06 2014

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Camera:COOLPIX S3100

This is the old “Clyde” theater, names for the owner’s husband, Clyde Quimby,  that was built in the early 50’s in Quimby Village in Fort Wayne.   Sadly, it closed in the  early 1990s.

At one point there was a church rented the space afterwards but has sat empty since, although I had read in the paper last year someone had purchased it and received a grant to revitalize the space and was going to turn it into a multi-use building.

The last time I went there in 1989 to the “Nightmare On Elm Street 5:  The Dream Child” with Marv, but the first time was  one of my first forays into the “big city” of Fort Wayne for this small town girl with one of her best friends, Debbie, was to see a movie at this theater when we were in high school.

I drove, but her parents only allowed her to go if went the back way up Bluffton Road and promised not to go into the big bad dangerous city itself, so that is what we did.   We were just thankful to have the opportunity and freedom to go to the city to a big city theater that we had only heard of.

Although I can’t recall which movie we went to see, I do recall the theater being bigger and grander than I had ever been to before.   It seemed like the pop and popcorn tasted better too, but it could have just been our excitement for being there.

Before going we shopped at a nearby Paul Harris  (a younger women’s clothing store).    We each bought something small from what we then perceived to be a swanky store; it wasn’t until years later that I realized it was an outlet store, but you have to consider up until most of clothing store options were from catalogs or K-Mart or the small mall in Marion, Indiana.

The Clyde/Quimby Theater will always be a special memory for me as it was a step for an afternoon into independence.

Location:   1808-1810 Bluffton Rd, Fort Wayne, Indiana


One comment on ““The Clyde” Quimby Village Theater”

  1. I really like the way you write. And your right in as much of the parents warning about going to Fort Wayne from Huntington ( or in your case, Warren). I was given specific instructions on the streets I could use and the streets to stay clear of. We would hear about drugs and murder all the time in the local news-and about abductions too. We could go to the library but given a route to get there. Go to southtown? this is the way to get there. same with Glenbrook and Mr. Coney…

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