Another K-Mart Closing

By: kmom14

Oct 19 2014


Category: K-Mart

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I was very sad to hear that the last K-Mart that we have in town is closing by the end of the year as it is one of the few places I can find shoes that fit with the boats that I have for feet (10W).   While they were higher on thing like drug store items and most food items, the clothes they have are more stylish,durable and inexpense than many Superstores, such as Meijer, Walmart, Sam’s Club and Costco and it was a quicker in-and-out.

Marv said the store in Decatur is also closing, so looks like the only K-Mart shopping in  my future will be online.   Unfortunately for my bank account, I spent enough to qualify for an additional 5% off $50 as want to grab the goodies while I can.  I can justify it as one will be a present for my son that I thinks he needs (but not something he ever will).   Will have to wait until next paycheck before buying more.


One comment on “Another K-Mart Closing”

  1. we both liked their shoes

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