Pumpkin Carriage

At work we had pumpkin decorating and we were provided with pumpkins, some carving tools, acrylic paints and some stick on eyes and bling to customize them.

I decide to forego carving it up, not just due to the mess but worried it might attract bugs and paint seems to have a way of finding a way to stain my clothes no matter how careful I try to be with it.

I ended up using two pens an four caps off green tea bottles that I used a letter opener to make holes with, the back of a legal pad for the cardboard base, a Sharpie to draw the doors and windows, two sticker bling (there was more around the door but kept falling off) and a binder clip for the reins

While my little guy looks more like a 3rd graders craft project, I was limited by what tools and I had at my desk and by time as it has been so busy I could only spare a few minutes.   I think it turned out ok and it sort of looks like an tiny canned ham campter trailer pumpkin home.


One comment on “Pumpkin Carriage”

  1. I’ve been looking for something like this for a new plumbing van

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